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Chobits Volume 1

Why bother with people when you could have the perfect companion? In a world where personal computers (or persocoms) have been given human form, that is the question that Chobits - the beautifully drawn, thought-provoking science fiction story by CLAMP - explores.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) begins with the story of Evelyn Wang, a Chinese American immigrant, and her race to keep her teetering family business running. A high-stakes meeting at the IRS with Evelyn's husband and father takes a sharp and completely unexpected turn, and Evelyn finds herself suddenly thrown into an interdimensional, surreal adventure.

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell

The Sparrow (1996), by Mary Doria Russell, opens in 2059, in the aftermath of a disastrous Jesuit mission to make first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Emilio Sandoz, a priest and linguist who is the only survivor among the mission’s crew, has just returned to Earth physically mutilated and spiritually broken.


The new Dune movie (2022) proved to be a character development exercise.  I found myself longing for the galloping action style of the 1998 movie.  Though the action sequences were few and far be

Winter's Orbit by Everina Maxwell

Winter’s Orbit, by Everina Maxwell, is an intricately plotted blend of space opera, court intrigue, and slow-burn romance. When the death of Prince Taam threatens to destroy a peace treaty that protects the Iskat Empire from alien invaders, the Emperor attempts to salvage the treaty by arranging for her grandson, Prince Kiem, to marry Taam’s widower, Count Jainan.

Books To Read If You Enjoyed The Grishaverse

For those that are excited about the Shadow And Bone adaptation that is being brought to us by Netflix, we wanted to create a collection of books that you may enjoy if you enjoyed the Grishaverse series!

For curious minds who don’t know what The Grishaverse series consists of:

Kindred by Octavia Butler

Kindred, by classic science fiction author Octavia Butler, is a novel about a Black woman from 1970s Los Angeles who finds herself repeatedly pulled back in time to pre-Civil War Maryland, where she must save the life of her white ancestor. While there, she experiences the horrors of slavery first-hand and is forced to make difficult choices in order to stay alive and return home.