The Rings of Power

The Rings of Power (2022), on Amazon Prime, is the latest franchise to bring J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world to life.  You can see it by checking out a Roku from the library. The Rings of Power opens with a Middle Earth already settled and beginning to show signs of epochs gone by.  It is charming to see a Hobbit-like race trying to make sense of this, what is to them, immense world. The elves appear to be ancient already and continue to fight Sauron, a fight that began in the book The Silmarillion.  We also get to meet the Numenorians and the view of Numenor is nothing short of spectacular.  Thank goodness for CGI.  Overall Amazon has done an amazing job with this hidden gem in Tolkien’s repertoire.  To the purist I say this: this telling is someone’s interpretation.  Eru lluvatar willing, there will be more.


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