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Unseen Magic by Emily Lloyd-Jones

This book has a magical town, unlabeled doors that lead anywhere, tea, and a main character who finds the courage to be themselves. Fin, the main character is filled with anxiety and has never lived in one place for too long. When she arrives at Aldermere, she starts to feel at home.

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

This book was so well written, I really enjoyed reading it. I had never before read anything by Kiersten White. The Chaos of Stars is about Egyptian and Geek Mythology.  Isadora, the main character is the daughter of two Egyptian gods. She is a mortal who wants to escape the life she currently lives by traveling to America. Where she meets a boy who writes epic poetry, has a cool truck, and has the most dazzling perfect blue eyes. Isadora is fierce and doesn't care about romance; she wants to be independent and free.

Thor Love and Thunder

The fourth installment in the Thor anthology, Thor Love and Thunder (Disney+, 2022), does not disappoint.  Though story craft is sometimes shoved aside to make room for hot button issues, the story is able to regain it's foothold.  It was nice to see Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson hit it off so well on the screen, it would have been even better to have seen more of that female bonding chemistry.  In the end it is Thor who gets the glory and Natalie Portman's character,  Dr.

Magus of the Library by Mitsu Izumi

A book for book lovers! Theo Fumis loves books, but because he lives in the slums, the town librarian refuses to let him borrow books or even set foot inside the library. That doesn't stop him from sneaking in to read them though! Due to his mixed ancestry, easily apparent by his pointed ears and blonde hair, Theo is shunned by nearly all of the town's residence, and books are his only escape from his harsh life. A life he dreams of leaving behind by becoming a kafna.

Nettle and Bone by T. Kingfisher

Looking for a dark, yet quirky fantasy quest? Look no further. Nettle and Bone (2022) delivers with the story of Marra, a princess determined to save her sister from an abusive marriage. Of course she needs help on her quest and help comes in the form of a dust-wife (a witch who can speak to the dead), a dog made of bones, an honorable knight saved from goblins, a fairy godmother with dubious talents and a demon possessed chicken.  

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

To say Xingyin has lived a sheltered life is putting it mildly. She, her mother, and her mother's attendant live alone in the Palace of Pure Light on the moon, for Xingyin's mother is the moon goddess. Their days pass peacefully, until Xingyin awakens her celestial powers, which prompts an unexpected visit from the Celestial Empress. Xingyin learns that her birth was a secret, and that her mother's position as the moon goddess is a punishment for drinking the elixir of immortality, which the Celestial Emperor gifted to Xingyin's father for saving the mortal realm from the sunbirds.