YA Battle of the Books

Middle School Students (Grades 6-8) can join through their school to compete in our Battle of the Books program. Participants will read and try to become familiar with the details of 20 books and in October and November schools will battle it out at the library. Interested? Speak to your school librarian about joining.

Schedules are sent to each participating school's librarian/coach at the beginning of each school year. Battles are held in Wheaton Public Library’s Lower Level Large Meeting Room in October and November. Battles begin promptly at 3:45pm and typically end by 4:20pm.

2023 Book List

Score Board

Middle schools (serving grades 6-8) located within the City of Wheaton or District 200 School District boundaries are eligible to participate in YABOB. Schools outside of these boundaries that participated in YABOB in 2016 are allowed to continue to participate. However, if a school located outside the designated boundaries decides not to participate, the school will not be considered eligible for future YABOB seasons.

5 Weekly trivia quizzes will be released via Kahoot

  • 4 Team Quizzes
  • 1 Single Player Round
  • Each team will have to enter under their school name
  • Each team can only complete the quiz once
  • Single player round will be for personal/team accolades only, and will not be factored into the overall team score.
  • All members of a team can participate in each round

Quizzes will be open from Monday at 7am – Sunday at Midnight

Coaches/Teachers will coordinate with their team to complete the team quizzes together

Each regular battle quiz will have 24 questions. The final single player round will have 50 questions.
All questions will be multiple choice, so there will not be rounds as in regular battle seasons, but
there will be different sections of questions.

  • Choose the book title – events (7)
  • Choose the book title – characters (7)
  • Choose what happened in a book (7)
  • Choose the correct author (3)



  • Teams will have 60 second to answer each question


Questions can be taken from the text or images of a book. Text can include, prologues, epilogues,
and author’s notes.

The Kahoot scoring will not be the official scoring. After quizzes are complete WPL will be reviewing the correct answers and awarding our points. These scores will be listed on the score sheet on our website.

Point Breakdown

  1. Choose the book title – events: 5 points
  2. Choose the book title – characters: 3 points
  3. Choose what happened in a book: 5 points
  4. Choose the correct Author: 3 points

If a team feels they answered a question correctly and were not awarded points, players may challenge the answer to a question immediately after completing a quiz. Email Lisa at lbarefield@wheatonlibrary.org with the question you are challenging and then players have 24 hours to follow up with a text reference for the challenge. Students who support the challenge with a specific text reference will be awarded points. Once awarded, points cannot be deducted. The Battle moderators may take up to 24 hours to review the challenge and all decisions are final.