Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Written in the Stars (2020) by Alexandria Bellefleur is a romance (very) loosely inspired by Pride and Prejudice. When Darcy’s brother Brendon sets her up on a blind date with Elle, the evening is a disaster. They’re just too different: Elle is a free-spirited astrologer who believes in true love, and Darcy is a serious, no-nonsense actuary recovering from a devastating breakup. But when Brendon tries to get Darcy to go on more blind dates, she panics and tells him she and Elle are now a couple in order to get him to stop playing matchmaker. Elle agrees to go along with the lie, on the condition that Darcy will come to Thanksgiving dinner with her family and show them that she is capable of having a mature, stable relationship. Darcy and Elle decide that their fake relationship will last until New Year’s Eve, but as the end of the year approaches, the two find themselves unexpectedly developing feelings for one another.

This is a cute, lighthearted, and steamy romance with very little conflict. Darcy and Elle are both vividly drawn characters and have so much chemistry despite their opposite personalities. I look forward to reading the sequels, Hang the Moon (which features a romance for Brendon) and Count Your Lucky Stars.

I would highly recommend this book for fans of Alexis Hall.

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