Strength to Love by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Strength to Love (2019) is a series of sermons from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., many written in response to the struggle to end segregation, which he saw as a great evil that affected both the perpetrator and the victim.  Dr. King took great solace and comfort from the Bible and especially from the words of Jesus himself -a man who was victimized but who did not respond in kind, but rather prayed for the soldiers carrying out his execution.  To Dr. King the path of nonviolence would lead to the redemption of the victimizer and maintain the dignity of the victimized.  Nonviolence became an option to him when he saw the effect that Gandhi’s philosophy had had.  When he traveled to India he noticed how postcolonial India had simply moved on and the Indians and English got along.  To Dr. King, freedom was an incomparable good, worth all the sacrifice -the ultimate sacrifice.

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