A Star is Bored by Byron Lane

Author Byron Lane based his book, A Star is Bored, on the life of Carrie Fisher (he had been her assistant).  In the novel, a movie star called Kathi Kannon, who has made it big playing Priestess Talara in a runaway sci-fi movie sensation, hires Charlie Besson as an assistant to cater to her every whim: from running out for late night cravings, shopping, and drug addiction enabler -which is where he draws the line.  Besson is inducted into the personal assistants for Hollywood actors group and is schooled on the ins and outs of pampering stars. Loving the job and recognition that comes with being associated with Hollywood royalty, Besson is torn between watching his childhood hero self-destruct and providing the help she needs but continually rejects.  One wonders how much of it is spot on.  According to people who knew Fisher, Lane is not far off the mark.

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