Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

A lesser known title in Jane Austen's collection of novels, Mansfield Park is certainly a wild ride and does not disapoint in all that is ridiculous and full of drama. Heroine Fanny Price is born to a poor family with many, many siblings, and is taken in by her aunt and uncle who can afford to give her a proper, respectable upbringing. Her experience in her new home, Mansfield Park, is something to be desired as her family members constantly treat her as their servant, entertainment, and charity case, while they behave in the most selfish, unobservant way possible. Fanny is the only person in the household with any sense, and her strength in her beliefs, morals, and character become her saving grace in a family where even the more sensible relatives are blinded. This book is less of a Jane Austen romance, like Pride and Prejudice, and more like a period drama centering aroud an idea or statement.