Exhibit: MLK's Chicago Freedom Movement

Wheaton Public Library (WPL) will host the exhibit, MLK’s Chicago Freedom Movement, featuring photographer Bernard Kleina’s rare and historic color photographs of Martin Luther King, Jr. The exhibit will be on display in WPL’s Arts & Culture Center during the month of January. All artwork is from the Elmhurst Art Museum's collection, Gifts of Bernard Kleina and Susan Keleher.


"My photographs connect one's eyes, mind and heart in a way that inspire courage and determination and advance the cause of justice, hope and compassion." 

- Bernard Kleina, photographer and activist


Presentation with Bernard Kleina

Thursday, Jan. 12 | 7 pm | in-person

In this presentation, The Road to Freedom, Mr. Kleina will discuss his experiences while he captured MLK’s Chicago visit and marches on film, and both the ugliness and beauty of the responses to the local struggle for fair and open housing, which continues today. He will review where our country was, and is now, in terms of justice and equality.

This presentation is in partnership with the City of Wheaton Community Relations Commission and Wheaton League of Women Voters. Registration is required to attend.



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