Tech2Go for STEM Learning

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The Tech Center has a collection of Tech Toys that help build STEM* skills. From coding to electronics to robotics we have a number of kits to keep your kids busy (learning) this summer. Most are suitable for ages 8 and up.

All Tech2Go kits may be checked out for 1 week
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Create projects while learning about electricity, engineering, and circuitry with Smart Circuits, Snap Circuits and Tinkering Labs Electric Motors.

Program the Ozobot using color. Easily drag and drop actions in the Sphero Edu app to program the Sphero SPRK+. You build the Snap Circuits Deluxe Snap Rover], adding the disc shooter, music sounds and other components.

Circuit Maze, Gravity Maze, Laser Maze and Tip-Over are single-player games that build logic skills. Code Master teaches programming basics without a computer. Roller Coaster Challenge lets kids practice their engineering skills by building their own roller coasters.

Mobile Devices
Travel to faraway places with the Viewmaster Virtual Reality headset. This kit includes an iPod Touch with apps to take you into space, underwater or anywhere in the world. Launchpad tablets have 8-10 apps with crossword, sudoku and hidden picture puzzles, geography quizzes or SAT/ACT preparation. Borrow an iPad or iPod Touch to download library eBooks, graphic novels and audiobooks.

More Kid-FriendlyTech
Snap the Go-Pro Hero Session camera onto a bike and make movies! Create stop-motion videos with Stikbot Studio. This kit includes stikbots and a green screen. You supply the smartphone and the Zing Studio app.

Tech2Go for Grown Ups
A/V equipment - projector, speaker, microphone, Blu-ray player, Chromecast, Roku
Conversion equipment - digitize your movies, slides, film and LPs
Kill-a-Watt Power Meter

You'll find it all on Tech2Go

*STEM = Science Technology Engineering & Math