Find Your Next Great Read

Books and Audiobooks ~ Fiction and Nonfiction

NoveList Plus is an online readers advisory program. Whether you like fiction or nonfiction, reading books or listening to them, NoveList Plus can help you find your next great read!

There are two ways to use Novelist Plus
1) Connect to the database* NoveList Plus. Browse by genre, read-alikes and award winners, or try the Appeal Mixer.
2) Search for a title in the library's Online Catalog. Click on the title, then scroll down to see suggestions for similar titles from NoveList Plus.
* Your WPL barcode number is required when searching NoveList Plus from home

Not sure where to start?
- Search NoveList Plus for a favorite title to see lists of read-alikes
- Click on the title to see how NoveList Plus classifies it. (Historical Fiction, Character-driven, Romantic, Thought-Provoking, etc.)
- Scroll down past the reviews to search for more based on what appealed to you in this book
- Click the Audiobooks tab to learn about the audiobook
- For each title there is a link to check the library's catalog so you can see if it's available or place a hold if it's not

Save titles to a folder
- As you find interesting titles to read, save them by clicking the little folder icon
- Click Sign In to create a account to save the folder for a future session