RBdigital Audiobooks


Connect to RBdigital Audiobooks
OneClick Digital is now RBdigital Audiobooks. You can sign in with your OneClick Digital username and password.

  • Checkout 5 titles and place 5 holds per library card
  • Checkout titles for up to 21 days
  • Return early or wait for titles to be returned automatically
  • Transfer to an MP3 player with Media Manager
Mobile Devices
• Create an account on the RBdigital Audiobooks website using the browser on your computer or mobile device
• Install the RBdigital app and log in to your account
• Scroll through the audiobook titles; tap the + at the end to see the entire collection
• Tap a title to see a description
• Tap Checkout to borrow the title; tap Play to start

Computers and MP3 Players
• Create an account on the RBdigital Audiobooks website
• Install Media Manager on your Windows or Mac computer
• Use Media Manager to listen or transfer the audiobook to an MP3 player
• Find instructions for transferring on the Help/FAQs page

RBdigital Help