When Home Won't Let You Stay

Stories of Refugees in America

Arts & Culture Center

June 1 - July 31
In a penetrating exploration of America’s evolving attitudes toward refugees, documentary artist James A. Bowey has been traveling the United States meeting refugees, listening to their stories, and photographing their portraits. The photographs are taken on location in a setting of the portrait subject’s everyday life. Along with the portrait, Bowey interviews each person and their first-person story accompanies their photograph. The individuals in this exhibition share poignant stories of violence and loss, as well as perseverance and hope; and their images and experiences produce a compelling human portrait of refugees in America. Learn more about this extraordinary exhibit


Artist’s Reception
Wednesday, June 19 • 5:30 – 6:30 pm / Arts & Culture Center
Join documentary photographer James A. Bowey at our Artist’s Reception as we celebrate the exhibit, When Home Won’t Let You Stay. Coffee and light refreshments provided. No registration required.

When Home Won’t Let You Stay: A Special Community Event
Wednesday, June 19 • 6:30 p.m. / Meeting Room A
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Documentary photographer James A. Bowey presents a special program of photography, storytelling and live music to consider the refugee issue, and our responses to the needs of displaced people around the world. This compelling event explores how we can bear witness in a contentious world, and awaken our empathetic imaginations to the possibilities of hope, liberty and human connection.

Immigration Policy & Social Media
Thursday, July 18 • 7 p.m. / Meeting Room A
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Immigration is a hot button issue for the upcoming presidential election. But how do we really feel about immigration policies? By examining memes and social media, we can learn how the public views immigration. Presented by Dr. Sabryna Cornish of North Central College and College of DuPage.

DuPage Foundation This exhibit is funded by a grant through the DuPage Foundation