TED Talks

Be inspired, learn, share

Join us for TED Talk screenings and a community discussion. TED videos are short, inspirational and/or educational videos on a wide range of issues. After the video, there will be time to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss the topic as a group. Learn more about TED

TED Talks are held in the Arts & Culture Center on the Main Floor
No registration required.

TED Talks: Love Lessons
Monday, Feb 10 • 7 pm
Discover how vulnerability, empathy and even conflict can produce healthier relationships.

TED Talks: Mind Over Matter
Wednesday, Feb 26 • 7 pm
Find out how to stay calm, embrace reality and practice mindfulness in stressful situations.

TED Talks: Creativity
Wednesday, Mar 18 • 7 pm
Gain inspiration and confidence to promote original, outside-the-box thinking and unleash your creative spirit.

TED Talks: Extraterrestrial Life
Wednesday, Apr 15 • 7 pm
Discover what top astronomers are saying about the likelihood of aliens and their search for cosmic company.